Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pocket Legends makes more money from Android than they do from iOS

It's about time. Apparently, one can make more money from Android than from iOS.

Spacetime Studios, developer Pocket Legends, claims that they are making more money from Android. Not only that, but they also see higher daily activity on Android, like 3 TIMES higher. Additional, Android users tend to spend% 30 to 50% more than iOS users. They also utilize mobile ads to promote their games and see Android generates 100% more clickthroughs than iOS. As a result, they stop advertising on Apple altogether and put all their marketing dollars onto Android (bad news for Apple, as their iAd platform isn't doing too well.)

This is inevitable, IMO. Android has been growing in a faster rate than iOS. At some points, there will be more total users running Android than iOS. At that point, all those perfect design talks from Apple fanboys will mean nothing. It's the math that counts. More users = more revenue, period. What I am surprise at is that the day comes so quick.

Source: ComputerWorld

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