Thursday, March 10, 2011

8.9" Samsung Honeycomb Tablet

Among the 3 top Android tablet makers (Motorola, LG, and Samsung -- IMO, without a Honeycomb tablet, HTC is not going to achieve much with the Flyer), I am most attracted by the yet-to-be-announced 8.9" tablet from Samsung. I have a Nook Color and I love its size. A ~10" tablet, no matter how light it is, is not for single-hand handling. I always want the Nook Color's screen to be a bit bigger, but not so big that it rivals the Xoom or iPad. A ~8.9" tablet will be perfect for me. Pixel density is not a BIG issue to me. Sure, I can't stand for a 800 x 600 resolution, but something similar to the Nook Color is sufficient. A slightly bigger physical size, however, can make it easier to read small text.

Anyway, no one knows for sure if Samsung really will come up with a 8.9" tablet. May be it will surprise us with a 8", AND a 9"?

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