Sunday, March 20, 2011

[UPDATE] Nook Color (Honeycomb) as a GPS Navigation Device - HD

How to turn your Nook Color into a GPS

What do you need:

  1. An Android phone that's capable of Wifi tethering
  2. A rooted Nook Color that can make use of your wifi-tethering phone's network. The easiest way to achieve this is to get a custom ROM. CM7, Honeycomb, etc. I am using the Honeycomb Preview.
  3. An app called TetherGPS

Prepare your Android phone

  1. You must have an Android phone. An iPhone, or any other smartphone won't work. 3G modems won't work neither.
  2. You *must* have a rooted phone (preferrably w/ a custom ROM. I use CyanogenMod 7 on my Droid Original.)
  3. Install Wireless Tether for Root Users (FREE) to your phone.
  4. Install TetherGPS to your phone.
    It's not free. However, there's a free version that will work for 5 minutes. You can re-use it by turning it off and on again.
  5. Add the TetherGPS Server widget to your home screen

Prepare your Nook Color

  1. You *must* have a rooted Nook Color (preferrably w/ a custom ROM. I use the Honeycomb preview.)
  2. Install Adhoc Wifi Support to your Nook Color.
  3. Install TetherGPS on your Nook Color
  4. Add the TetherGPS Client widget to your home screen


  1. Launch the Wireless Tether app on your phone. Then click the big icon to activate tethering
  2. From your Nook Color's wireless setting, connect to the wireless network created by your phone
  3. Turn on your Nook Color's TetherGPS Client widget
  4. Turn on your phone's TetherGPS Server widget


  1. If the TetherGPS Server is serving location data, in the notification of your phone, you will see a status stating the data is being served on an IP address. If it's not serving location data, the status will be blank.
  2. If the TetherGPS Client is receiving location data, you will find a notification stating so. Otherwise, it will say no location data is received.
  3. You might want to wait until your phone receive a GPS signal before turning on the TetherGPS Server.

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