Monday, March 7, 2011

How to install Honeycomb preview (Android 3.0) to Nook Color's internal memory

Many people asked me how to install Honeycomb to my Nook Color after I posted a video to YouTube:

Therefore, I decided to provide an easy to follow instruction to you all. Everything you need to install Honeycomb preview into your Nook Color can be found here.

WARNING: Everything in your Nook Color will be erased using this method. If you don't want that, you may want to try installing it using the SD method (see

Let me say right up front that I DID NOT create this hack. All credits go to:
  1. deeper-blue: He/She is the one who achieves the impossible by porting the preview SDK to Nook Color. You can (and should) read more about it at

  2. samuelhalff: He came up with the eMMC installation. I have tried the SD installation method numerous times, wasted over $100 to try various SD card, but failed to install Honeycomb to my Nook Color. Until I gave the eMMC method a try. It gave me Honeycomb in 10 minutes. Read more about it at

  3. thecubed: He/She created the bootable Clockwork SD Card. See

Ok, here we go. Here are what you need to install the Honeycomb to your Nook Color:
  1. A Windows PC (I use Win7 64bit, but other versions should be ok)
  2. Two microSD cards. Both needs to be at least 128Mb.
  3. Download this zip file:
  4. Download the software WinImage from:
Next, follow the directions below:
  1. Format both microSD cards (FAT32). Put 1 into your media reader.
  2. Install WinImage
  3. Unzip the zip file you download from step 3 above. You will see 2 files: 128mb_clockwork-0.1-ext4.img, and
  4. Run WinImage as an administrator
  5. Choose Disk -> Restore Virtual Hard Disk Image on physical drive ...
  6. Select your microSD card (DON'T CHOOSE THE WRONG DRIVE)
  7. Click OK
  8. Then select the file 128mb_clockwork-0.1-ext4.img
  9. Wait for the disk image to be written
  10. When it's done, close WinImage.
  11. Eject the first microSD card, and put in the second one.
  12. Copy the file to the second microSD card.
  13. Insert the first microSD card into your Nook Color.
  14. Reboot your Nook Color. It will boot into the command line Clockwork Recovery.
  15. Use the volume buttons of the Nook Color to select the "mounts and storage" option, then press the Nook's "N" button
  16. Use the volume buttons to select format /system, /data, and /cache (press the "N" button to format each partition.)
  17. In the same menu, make sure /system and /data aren't mounted
  18. DO NOT REBOOT. Eject the SD card out, then put in the second SD card.
  19. Mount the sdcard
  20. Press the power button of the Nook Color to go back to the main menu
  21. Choose "backup and restore", then press the "N" button
  22. Choose "choose zip from sdcard", then press the "N" button
  23. Use the volume buttons to select the file, the press the "N" button
  24. WAIT until the installation finishes
  25. Reboot your Nook Color
  26. Congratulation, your have installed the Honeycomb preview into your Nook Color!


    1. Any way to do this only with one 4GB microSD card?

    2. Hmm, let me be frank, I don't know for sure because I only have microSD cards that are 16Gb or more. Anyway, I think you can, because the file is only 117Mb. However, you will need to work around the size limitation of the 128Mb clockwork recovery image, Once you burn it to your microSD card, the size of the partition will be set to 128Mb. You may not be able to fit the Honeycomb image into the partition.

      What you need to do is to boot your Nook Color using the clockwork recovery card first. Once it's boot into the recovery, you will no longer need the microSD. Therefor, you can eject the microSD, and wipe the card clean COMPLETELY (reformatting it thru Windows may not work, 'cause it probably will only reformat the partition.)

      Next, you can copy the Honeycomb zip to the newly erased microSD, put it back into your Nook Color and continue the installation.

      WARNING: If, at any point during the process, something happens and you do not finish the installation completely. You will have to start from step 1 again because your microSD no longer has the recovery after you erase it.

    3. This never works for me! No internal install of HC ever works for just freezes on the bootup every single time, when it says android in the greenish colored text, it'll freeze there.

    4. Did you make sure you use the right CWR? The old CWR won't work with version 2 of the eMMC HC, and the new one won't work with version 1. Also, try formatting the /system, /data, and /cache in this specific order.

      My experience with the eMMC Honeycomb is that the success rate is much higher than the SD card version. I've helped a couple friends to install theirs, and I never encountered any problems. Of course, at the end of it, the whole Honeycomb preview for the Nook Color is one big clever hack only. Until the AOSP version is released, we may not have a 100% reliable way to install Honeycomb.

    5. So what CWR do i I need help with this.

    6. If you used the one I posted at, follow all the steps correctly and it still didn't work, then there are only 2 reasons:

      1) My files are corrupted. In this case, try getting it from the original sources. The CWR is at: and the Honeycomb flash at:

      2) Unfortunately, you are the unlucky one who happens to receive a Nook Color that doesn't work with the Honeycomb preview.

      May be you can tell me in words, step by step, what you did? Or, may be try it again, and record a video of it?

    7. Man...I can't edit the video lol. I put the clips in Windows Live Movie Maker and my voice sounds like I'm 5! And it automatically speeds up the clip..?

    8. I got it done! Did it in a different program. Will post a link here when I upload it to YouTube...

    9. Congratulation! So, WinImage didn't work? Please do let me know when your YouTube video is up. I will update this post and embed your video here.

    10. Lol no, I meant I got the video to not make me sound like a 5 year old. Honeycomb still doesnt work for me sadly... uploading now...

    11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    12. Here you are. Watch until the END. I mean the END.

      There's me with the full install process and me trying to use it and it doesnt boot....

    13. Hey, Ryan, just want to let you know that I did see your post, but I am having a small disaster with my Droid (CWR refuses to work any more), so I won't be able to take a look until, may be this weekend.

    14. No problem! Hope you can fix your Droid. :)

      I had a disaster with my Nook not booting a week ago, but I got it fixed. Running Nookie Comb from XDA, a themed Froyo install with HC stuff :D

    15. Ryan,

      Saw your video. AFAIK, you did everything right. Since you could actually flash HC to boot once, CWR is definitely NOT the problem. To be honest, I don't have a definite answer, but here's a couple things you could try (no guarantee they will work):

      1) Redownload the HC zip. Try to get it from: -- REASON: Since CWR isn't the problem, we are now going to blame the HC zip :-)

      2) If that doesn't work, my second guess is the kernel (a wild guess.) The HC zip comes with the Dalingrin's OC kernel. If you already had SetCPU installed and overclocked, I would suggest you to turn the speed down. But since you haven't installed SetCPU, that's probably not a concern. So, the next logicial thing to do is to update the kernel. There's a new release after the HC zip was out. You can get it from:

      3) This is a desperate measure -- instead of flashing version 2 of the HC zip, try version 1. It uses ext3, so you will have to get another CWR from: v1 of the HC zip can be found at: The steps to flash are exactly the same.

      If none of the above work, unfortunately you are probably one of the unlucky one who couldn't install the HC preview. I tried to install Honeycomb on a SD card for almost a week, but all I got was the "android_" prompt you saw in the boot screen -- none of the advices I found from xda help. At the end, I just had to accept the fact that I couldn't get it to work :-( After all, this whole Honeycomb preview is just one big clever hack. Hopefully, Google will release the AOSP soon, and we can get a more stable Honeycomb that everyone can enjoy.

    16. Thanks! Going to try all of these when I have the time :)

      Thanks for trying to help me.

    17. Works like a charm!!!
      I downloaded an app called Remote Web Desktop and now I can transfer files to mi Nook/Droid wireless via ftp..... also the CoolReader app is a great eareader, not to mention the NOOK app!!! for your purshases kick ass!!

    18. if there's an easy USB transfer utility please let me know!!

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    20. One issue is youtube.. browser or youtube app get stuck and don't play, tried low res same issue,

      I downloaded the NartutoTube (anime app) app that I use as my youtube!!! the resolution is a lot better than original Nook App and hasn't crashed once, can't get over how easy it was to install Honeycomb and how awesome it works!!!

    21. The market keeps saying I don't have enough space to download anything. Do you have any suggestions?

    22. >> The market keeps saying I don't have enough space to download anything. Do you have any suggestions?

      Are you really running out of space on your Nook Color, then? Go to Settings > Storage and check how much available space you have.

    23. Thanks for the fast response. I have more than enough room. I have 5gb of space. Any other ideas? Thanks

    24. Just want to make sure, under Settings > Storage, the available space shows you indeed have 5Gb of spaces?

      If so, I have no idea why. Try:

      1) Permission problems -- you actually wouldn't see an error saying you run out of space if this is the problem, but who knows. I would check if your app directory's permission has been messed up.
      2) Try clearing Market's cache.
      3) If #2 doesn't work, try clearing the data.
      4) If neither #2 nor #3 works, try re-installing Market.

      If none of them works, you might want to try posting a question under XDA's Nook Color forum (General).

    25. Thanks for all the help! I did find out how to get the market to download apps....finally. I tried what you suggested but unfortunatley they didn't work. What I did do was uninstall the market update so the market was back to the orignial way it came. Once it was back to the orginal version everything downloaded.

      Thanks for all the help