Saturday, March 12, 2011

How to restore a Nook Color back to Stock

After playing your Nook Color with all kinds of cool tricks (like, turning it to an affordable Honeycomb tablet), you may want to restore it back to stock. Thanks for the way how the Nook Color is designed, it is extremely easy to do that.


  1. samuelhalff: He came up with the restore image. The original thread can be found at:
  2. thecubed: He/She created the bootable Clockwork SD Card. See

First of all, you will need the following:
  1. A Windows PC (I use Win7 64bit, but other versions should be ok)
  2. Two microSD cards. Both needs to be at least 128Mb.
  3. Download this zip file:
  4. Download the software WinImage from: (Skip this step if you already have WinImage installed.)
Next, follow the directions below:
  1. Format both microSD cards (FAT32). Put 1 into your media reader.
  2. Install WinImage
  3. Unzip the zip file you download from step 3 above. You will see 2 files: 128mb_clockwork-0.7.img, and
  4. Run WinImage as an administrator
  5. Choose Disk -> Restore Virtual Hard Disk Image on physical drive ...
  6. Select your microSD card (DON'T CHOOSE THE WRONG DRIVE)
  7. Click OK
  8. Then select the file 128mb_clockwork-0.7.img
  9. Wait for the disk image to be written
  10. When it's done, close WinImage.
  11. Eject the first microSD card, and put in the second one.
  12. Copy the file to the second microSD card.
  13. Insert the first microSD card into your Nook Color.
  14. Reboot your Nook Color. It will boot into the command line Clockwork Recovery.
  15. Use the volume buttons of the Nook Color to select the "mounts and storage" option, then press the Nook's "N" button
  16. Use the volume buttons to select format /system, /data, and /cache (press the "N" button to format each partition.)
  17. In the same menu, make sure /system aren't /data aren't mounted
  18. DO NOT REBOOT. Eject the SD card out, then put in the second SD card.
  19. Mount the sdcard
  20. Press the power button of the Nook Color to go back to the main menu
  21. Choose "backup and restore", then press the "N" button
  22. Choose "choose zip from sdcard", then press the "N" button
  23. Use the volume buttons to select the file, the press the "N" button
  24. WAIT until the installation finishes
  25. Reboot your Nook Color
  26. Your Nook Color is now back to stock!

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