Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Windows 8 and how it may affect the Android Tablet

Today is Microsoft's big day. Windows 8 is revealed to a large number of people, and soon a developer build will be available for download. So, how does Windows 8 have anything to do with Anroid, or more specifically, Android tablets? To answer this question, we need to pay attention to a lesser-known Android related news today: All future Android builds will be optimized for Intel's Atom processor Still don't see the relation? Let me explain. First of all, Windows 8 will no doubt be run on tablet PCs powered by Atom. Secondly, some if not most of these PCs will be made and sold like any traditional PC, meaning that there won't be any locked bootloader. Now, stop for a moment and think about this: these PCs will all be capable of running Android! Imagine what will happen once CyanogenMod begins to support these PCs. We can just go out and buy a Windows 8 tablet PC and install Android onto it. We can even dual-boot between Windows 8 and Android! Windows 8 details: new features, UI enhancements and everything in between -- Engadget

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